Paddle Boarding with Kids Club Leaders

We recently took the kid club leaders out for their monthly activity. This month we went paddle boarding down on the malecon. It was a blast to spend time with the leaders teaching them to use the board as well as improving their swim strokes…of course you know we couldn’t resist throwing out a few pointers. We may have also had to swim out and rescue a few kids who were being blown out by the strong afternoon winds! It has been incredible to watch as these kids have stepped up in leading. Last week, kids led everything from the teaching time, the games, and songs. The only thing we had to come prepared with was the craft. It has also been amazing to watch as some of those in our community of faith have taken ownership as well. One women recently bought an igloo to be able to bring water to the group…this is no small task as she took the time and money to go out and purchase a new one all on her own. It is a blessing to see the kids club continue to grow in the leadership capacity and influence of the leaders. If you think about it please pray for our leaders as they continue to step up and take ownership in the kids club. Pray for us so we can be wise leaders who continue to seek to empower and equip this generation to reach their own. Here are a few pics of our paddle board outing.










































PS. Sorry for the long length of time without a post. We got swamped down in a heavy work load during May and then took time to rest before our summer months. We are learning to establish healthy boundaries and taking time off from posting is one of the boundaries that helps us to establish health in our lives.  We look forward to sharing more stories soon.

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