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In which Leviticus applies to real life…

I just finished reading through Leviticus this morning…it’s taken me over a week because, well, to be honest…I find myself questioning the usefulness of its inclusion in the Bible…just being real here, ya’ll.  Actually, last Saturday I started in on the book and complained to Pete I didn’t understand the point of reading it, but I persevered.

Well, now Pete is blaming me for the pain he’s been in all week.  Let me share with you how it all started…

Pete began developing a weird rash last weekend…he looked up poison ivy (it really isn’t a problem here in Mexico), he looked up spider bites, bug bites, anything he could think that might be causing the rash.  I, of course, was busy applying Leviticus to our life, declaring my dear husband unclean.

I suggested he might need to present himself to a priest for an inspection.

He opted for the doctor.

The doctor took one look at his stomach rash and declared he had shingles.  Yikes!

Pete had to do a lot of research on Google to convince me that he was not, in fact, unclean (or…contagious).  He did this in between spasms of pain.  Poor guy.  I felt just a bit bad about laughingly telling him to go to a priest.

It gets better…this Sunday, a family is bringing a slaughtered lamb to the Ranch…no joke!  We’ll be cooking it up into this delicious dish here called “birria.”  So, Leviticus 14, the whole sacrifice for atonement for the one to be cleansed from his uncleanness…we’ve got that covered, too.  Although, we’ll probably forgo the putting of blood on the ear lobe, finger and toe.

In a serious thought, though…Leviticus does make me think about God’s HOLINESS, and then it makes me more thankful than ever for Jesus!  And appreciative of how compassionate and merciful Jesus is, and the extent to which His once for all sacrifice totally rocked this world of ours!

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Climbing the Balcony and Gaining Perspective

20130111_141557 “Climbing the balcony” is a leadership principle I learned some time ago which simply means taking the time to step back from the ground-to-ground work to evaluate, gain perspective, and, if necessary, redirect your ministry, work, or life.  Stepping back can sometimes be a hard thing to do as we are tempted to engage the urgent and pressing needs that face us on a daily basis. However, putting the urgent aside and stepping back is a vital part of any success and needs to be worked into life and flow of any work or daily routine.  Climbing the balcony allows you to see things that can be lost if you are only on the ground floor, or as the old saying goes…it’s easy to lose sight of the forest for the trees.

Well, we have had the luxury of climbing the balcony over the past week at the Ranch, and it has been extremely helpful after a grueling and exhausting summer. We are currently evaluating everything and charting a course for the next stage of the ranch development. One simple way to climb the balcony is to take a look at numbers. Numbers matter because numbers are people and numbers tell stories. Every number represents someone who has come to the ranch and has had the opportunity to encounter the presence of God, be equipped for the work of God, and extend the Kingdom of God.

Here are some numbers that gave us on the ranch staff pause for reflection and celebration at all that the Lord has done this year…and the year isn’t even over yet!

So far this year….

  • 5 straight weeks of summer day camps
  • 10 kayak ministry excursions with 68 people
  • 17 intern and junior interns in our summer internship program; 7 from the US, 10 from Mexico
  • 75 disabled kids and parents at one horse clinic
  • 131 people on short term trips from the US in 12 different groups
  • 210 nationals from Mexican churches on retreats and special events
  • 370 nationals have come through our various day camps, horse clinics, and mid-week programs

It may be difficult at times to step back…but it is so worth it to gain proper perspective.

Thank you to all our supporters both financial and spiritual. Your partnership makes a difference in the lives of individuals and families.

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