Learning Rocket Science

From an interesting article I recently read:

American Christians are astounding in their generosity. Tens of thousands of churches pour resources into feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, and building houses and orphanages. Hundreds of thousands trek to Africa, Asia, and Latin America each year on short-term mission trips desiring to offer their help.

But here’s the problem: Poverty, whether here in America or abroad, is one of the oldest and most complex problems plaguing the human race. It is tangled in social, cultural, economic, political, ethnic, geographic, and spiritual factors that challenge even the most skilled experts. Simple solutions just don’t work, and well-meaning amateurs can not only waste valuable resources but even cause unintended harm in their efforts.

Read the whole thing here at Christianity Today: Solving Poverty Is Rocket Science

The article really sums up why we are seeking more training in community development, as well as why we are moving slowly as we implement projects in the neighborhoods where we work!  And above all, recognizing the truth of this quote, also from the above article: The most powerful tool we can offer is the human transformation that comes from a saving relationship with Jesus Christ, something no government or United Nations agency has to offer. This is why the church is potentially the most powerful change agent of all.

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