Letters to God

One of the verses our girls have been learning is Matthew 19:14, “Let the little children come to me, and do not forbid them, for of such is the kingdom of heaven.”  They have learned a song to memorize this verse, only Ava sings it differently and always says, “do not forget them” (instead of “forbid”).  I think it works, though.  At least it reminds me to pray for the children that come to our programs.  We are called to disciple children as well as adults!  Pete and I are currently teaching Sunday school on Sunday mornings, and last week, a new student came to class.  He is five years old, and we had the most precious conversation.  Our class is going through the Bible, using a children’s story Bible, and we were discussing the Fall, and how we all have made bad decisions and need God’s forgiveness.  We talked about Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross and His resurrection, and how He wants to live with us and help us know God and follow him.  Our new student looks at me and says, “How can I tell God I want Jesus to be with me? Can I send Him a letter? How do I do that?”  I told him we can pray to God, and that prayer just means that we can talk to God wherever we are, whatever we’re doing, whenever we want!  This little boy was so excited that he could just talk to God and that God wanted to listen to him.  He asked Jesus to live with him forever.  And when I saw this little boy next, he told me he’s been praying.  And when we prayed before a meal that we were sharing together, he told me that praying means we’re talking to God and that it’s good to tell God thank you.  I am so thankful to learn with and from the littlest followers of Jesus.  Their faith is an example for all of us.

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