A Brief Update!

We have had an incredibly busy month! It’s been full of new work, some travel, and lots of learning, as always. In a nutshell, here’s some things we’ve been up to in the last month. Pictures will follow once I get organized enough to download them to the computer from our various devices! Stories will also be coming; they are in my head, but getting them into the blog has been on the back burner. These weeks have been so busy we haven’t had much time to pause and record. 🙂

1. Started ESL classes at the community center in Marquez de Leon.
2. Traveled to Tijuana/San Diego to take care of a car permit issue and pick up a second car for work! God blessed us with an amazing trip and an amazing ministry that helps find cars for those working in ministry!
3. Hosted, planned, helped lead 4 short term trips.
4. Began planning for 3 different Easter camps that we will help facilitate for Mexican churches at the Ranch in the next 3 weeks!
5. Solidified some job descriptions/roles for our team at the Ranch.
6. Started leading a children’s Sunday school in Marquez de Leon.
7. Continuing to get to know our neighbors through playdates, dinners, walks on the Malecon together!
8. Learning to live without the guarantee of running water for the past 2 weeks. (We should be back in business in the next day or 2…our landlord is installing a cistern for us!).

As I said, I will post pictures soon! We have gotten very busy and I am working toward getting caught up in our correspondence, this blog, and emails. Thanks for your patience and prayers for us and for your willingness to stay in touch with us!

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2 thoughts on “A Brief Update!

  1. How is the language learning going?

    • Great question! Thanks Mike! Learning is continuing to go well. I (Pete) have two formal classes a week at a local language school to stay on top of my learning. One is a group class and the other is a private class. It works out great as the group is good for grammar review and continuing conversational practice and the private is great as we cover specific topics such as sustainable energy, planning a camp retreat, and other “ranchy” topics of my choosing. I also have a once a week language exchange with a guy where we simply eat lunch in the local market and chat it up.

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