Top Things I’ve Googled Since Living in Mexico…

What would I do without internet…seriously…I would probably freak out so much less, I’d have more time to read, you know…real books, I might actually do crafts with my kids instead of pinning crafts that look like so much fun…I wouldn’t have made so many delicious dinners…I actually do put into practice the recipes I read online, at least there’s that.

But, I would know so much less.  I mean, Google…it fulfills my quest for knowledge like skittles fill my belly.  And to enlighten all of you, dear friends, today I will share my favorite topics-to-google-while-living-as-a-gringa-in-Mexico.  You’re welcome.

1. “What are the symptoms of Dengue fever.”  Yes, that was a minor freak out moment, when Kylah got so very sick our first month in.  Thankfully, I phoned a friend who talked me down.  And then we actually visited a doctor.  That helped.  Or not, when he told us it’s not really the season for Dengue right now, but that there have been a lot of cases of Scarlet Fever going around.  I don’t actually know what that is, but I did manage to restrain myself from Googling it.

2. “Efficient time saving method to hand wash dishes.”  Ummm…please don’t judge me.  It takes a while to get used to hand washing after having a dish washer.

3. “How do I know if my child has worms.”  Because they are drinking the shower water, and it took a while to teach them not to drink tap water.  And you just never know, right?

4. “Chocolate chip cookie recipe without brown sugar.”  Let me save you the time…it’s not worth it.

5. “Can African Americans get head lice.” Apparently, only a very, very small percentage.  But what can I say?  We have an exceptional child in every way.

And the winner of the silliest thing I’ve googled in Mexico:

6. “What to do if you get hot pepper in your eye.”  Yes.  This happened to me.  And it hurt worse than I remember child birth hurting.  And Kylah was breech. While cutting jalapenos one day, my knife sliced through the pepper skin and a seed jumped out at my face, landing in my eye.  It might have well been a match lit on my eyeball, because that is how much it hurt.  Maybe more.  I ran screaming to the bathroom.  Ali continued to color.  Kylah continued to play with her toys.  Ava ran screaming with me, thinking mommy was surely dying.  (She still cries at the mention of hot pepper seeds.  Sympathetic child.)  After 20 minutes of cool water running into my eyeball, I still could barely open it.  I walked half-blind to the computer and googled it.  Do I need to go to the E.R.? Am I going blind????  I found a solution.  Dump milk in your eye.  I was desperate.  I dumped an entire liter of milk into my eye.  Immediate relief.  Then I made cookies.  Without brown sugar.  And I’m not blind.  But I am still a bit scared of cutting hot peppers.

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4 thoughts on “Top Things I’ve Googled Since Living in Mexico…

  1. Sue Malloy

    I loved your article! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Anonymous

    this received; throw my head back in laughter!

  3. Mo

    Ben and I had a good laugh at this. I am glad you are not blind.

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