Abra Palabra!

Abra Palabra reading time.

Abra Palabra reading time.

We have recently been attending “Abra Palabra” a fun reading and activity time at a local library and art studio. It meets twice a week and has been a great time to get to know other families and for the girls to make friends and play outside. We have been honored as the group has quickly welcomed us in and is throwing a birthday party for Emily on Thursday. One thing we really love about the Mexican culture is that there always seems to be an excuse to bring extra food and make regular daily activities into a party. We have been attending for only two weeks and Emily’s birthday will be the third party for the group! We look forward to celebrating and further entering into Mexican life.

…Oh…and if you are worried about the girl in the back who is passed out…don’t be…she is just taking a nap! …which is a whole other discussion on Mexican culture which we enjoy!

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3 thoughts on “Abra Palabra!

  1. It’s a different, but WONDERFUL culture (Ecuadorians were similar in many ways)

  2. Susie and Martin

    How was your birthday party Emily?

    • It was a lot of fun!!! A lot of the ladies brought me little gifts and I had the chance to really talk more in depth with several of them. So, other than my children eating tons and tons of churros, pastel, y chicharrones, and then not wanting any dinner afterwards, it was perfect. 🙂

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