Just Because!


I love my girls!  🙂  And…I love that they are wearing summer dresses in December (when this pic was taken).  This picture is from our trip to La Paz.  We had to stay a night in Mazatlan while we waited for the ferry.  It was a fun little family adventure!  Our girls are great travelers and we have fun with them on the road (most of the time…I am refraining from posting a picture of all 5 of us in our little cabin designed for 2 people on the ferry…yeah, the ferry ride…not going in my list of top 10 favorite things to do with little kids!).

In other random update news:

1. We ate fish tacos the other day, and when Pete came back from putting all the toppings on his tacos, I was telling the girls they needed to eat more of their chicken before they could play.  Pete gave me a weird look. The girls LOVED their “chicken” tacos, actually.  I don’t know when we’ll inform them that they’re actually eating fish tacos.

2. We visited DIF (the social workers) in Marquez de Leon on Monday!  It went really well and I’m excited to hopefully start volunteering for them soon.  They want to start a painting class for kids at the end of this month and said they could use my help with that.  I want to get to know them and the people in Marquez….relationships are a priority and before I suggest anything at all we need to take the time to all get to know each other…although, they were also pretty excited about the chance to have some English classes soon!

3. I took the girls to a library program yesterday!  It was so fun, and I met a lot of other women.  We’re having a little party on Thursday, and the girls can’t wait to go back!

4. I’ve updated our prayer request page on this blog…and we’re working on our January newsletter…I know you can’t wait, lol!  🙂

5. Please keep us in your prayers.  To think we were worried last week about filling our days/getting into ministry, lol!  We need wisdom as we make decisions about what God wants us to be involved in, etc., and we’re also sooo excited to be here and meeting people and beginning our work on the Ranch in in Marquez.

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