Book Reviews

Here are three more book reviews from books I finished this past week on break between language sessions.


Leadership is a great book exploring the issues of cross cultural leadership. I’ve been on the search for a book like this for some time and finally found a bit of what I was looking for. This book doesn’t just skim the surface of cross cultural issues like many books do but rather dives deeper into the philosophical, sociological, and theological issues surrounding the issues of leadership in a cross-cultural setting. I think anyone who is in a leadership position could benefit from this book whether they are serving “internationally” or not. The fact that our world is getting so much smaller and our culture so much more fractured into smaller sub cultures warrants this much needed topic. If you are in leadership today you will be in a cross-cultural situation more than once. Whether, ethnically, generationally, across social barriers, differing parts of the same country, differing professions, etc… This book can help.


It’s hard to argue with Barna and with facts. He certainly does his research and has a proven track record. With that said this is Barna’s interpretation of the spiritual landscape across the States today…in what Barna calls a Spiritual Revolution. Although I am certain many people will be dismayed by what Barna lays out in this book, I found it uplifting and encouraging. God is certainly still working but just not in the areas we traditionally think he is. If you are wondering whats going on with the next generation or where the Church is heading then I think you will find this book both challenging and helpful. I for one believe what he describes because I’ve seen it with my own eyes for the past 8 years working with youth in a church and now devoting the next segment of my life to what some may call a “revolutionary” new way of being the Church.


As an in-home counselor and youth pastor I worked with numerous kids you were diagnosed with ADD/ADHD and now as a parent of one of those potentials I found this book extremely helpful and balanced. In the ADD/ADHD world opinions abound from parents, counselors, doctors, psychologists, and all the highly educated know-it-alls who post comments on message boards. (Sorry, couldn’t resist that one!) This book is written from the middle of the road and gives a great holistic view of what ADHD actually is and how we as parents and educators can respond. It provides very practical tools and suggestions for parents about dietary concerns, medications, schooling, home discipline, and more. If you have a child who you think is on the ADD/ADHD spectrum or work with a child who is this book will certainly help point you in the right direction and help you be and sound more educated about the issue than most people talking on the airways. (Sorry, couldn’t resist that one either!)

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