We’ve been BRANDED!

It’s official! We have officially been BRANDED with our sending agency’s (TEAM) new logo and websites! Check them out.

We love our mission and the people involved. They do a lot of work for us and are a tremendous resource for us from medical needs to education issues for our children to professional counseling and simply being a kind and listening ear. Some sending agencies often get a bad name for whatever reason perhaps because they can be seen as bureaucratic obstacles to get to the field. Perhaps this is true with some agencies but certainly not with TEAM. TEAM isn’t perfect (what agency is) but they strive to set up their missionaries for long term success and effectiveness in the field. Just ask several of our coworkers here in Mexico who have worked as missionaries for 20+ years with TEAM. We absolutely love our mission and the support and care they provide!
Check out these new sites…really…and no they didn’t pay us to say these things…we really do love our mission!

TEAM Mexico: This is our ministry area’s specific site. It’s a great way to see what we as an entire team are up to here in Mexico.

TEAM: This is the broader TEAM site and is a great way to see what TEAM as a whole is up to around the world.

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