The eye of the tiger

3/4 of the way through language school…and how am I (Pete) motivating myself these days?

I could be thinking about all those wonderful things they taught us in pre-field language/culture prep…like, language learning is an act of love, a ministry to those with whom we will work, learning the language well keeps us on the field longer and helps us be more effective…and more…all TRUE…and helpful.

But right now, I’m just thinking…Rocky.

I am Rocky.  Training.  A diamond in the making…as my swim coach used to say…under time and pressure I will arise victorious…a diamond.

….yes it is true…it’s a scary and weird world inside my head! Sometimes I’m in Rocky IV training in the wilderness of a foreign country.  But lately I’m in the original Rocky. First starting out. Getting into true shape. Sluggishly running up the stairs till one day….I arrive victorious with my arms raised high!

So here you go…think of your biggest challenge right now…sit down and watch this video…and then go out and tear it up! (And oh! I had to pick this training montage because it has Spanish subtitles to the music!)

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