2 Book Reviews

I (Pete) have to admit I don’t frequently read alot of blogs but one thing I do like reading on other’s blogs are book reviews. Books are a drug of choice for me and I always like hearing others opinions about good books…so with the encouragement of a few of you to share more of the books I read here are two that I just finished.

In the Presence of My Enemies: The gripping account of the kidnapping of American missionaries and their year of terror in the Philippine jungle

By Gracia Burnham

I started reading this book because Em got it free on the Kindle. I was a little hesitant because I often don’t read books like these (i.e. biographies and such). It has been hard to put down and I’ve found myself staying up later than I should reading it on multiple occasions. If you feel like you are having a rough time in life then just read this book. This book will help give you some perspective.

The book is about two New Tribes missionaries who were kidnapped along with several others at a resort in the Philippians in 2001. They were held for over a year by their captors while they were dragged through the jungle avoiding soldiers, bullets, and artillery fire from the Filipino army who were hunting their captors down. It’s a well written and as it says on the cover a “gripping story.” If you want to know why they were kidnapped, what their captors were seeking, how they survived in the jungle, and how their story ends you’ll just have to read the book!

Reaching Out

By Henri Nouwen

I brought no more than 10 physical books with me and 6 of them were one’s I have already read. I wanted to reread these ones again during my time of language study. One of these is Henri Nouwen’s book Reaching Out. It is by far one of my more favorite books by him and one of my most favorite books about spirituality and living life.  He seeks to answer this simple question, “What does it mean to live a life in the Spirit of Jesus Christ?”

Personally, I feel the concepts in this book are something we should all wrestle with and chew on, which is why I wanted to read it again. He gets to the real heart of the underlying issues that push and pull in the deepest parts of our hearts, souls, and minds. He outlines three polarities of the spiritual life that we all must wrestle with: 1) Loneliness to Solitude, 2) Hostility to Hospitality, & 3) Illusion to Prayer. I would highly encourage anyone to read this book and read it in a way so that you can wrestle with the concepts in your own life.

Here is a quote from the opening page of the book that summarizes the book well. “‘Wisdom’, it is said, ‘is to know the harmony of things, and joy is to dance to its rhythm.'”  This book will help you to dance to the rhythms of life. It has certainly helped me even though I have two left feet!

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