A Month of Firsts

We have had quite the month of firsts…moving to a new country, figuring out how life works in Mexico from trash pick-up to cell phones, Pete ordering Starbucks through a drive-thru (in Spanish!), girls taking ballet lessons, Emily making new friends for all us, enrolling the girls into school for the first time (anywhere!), and more…

We have been seeking to be intentional in all that we do from meeting our neighbors, to taking the girls on exploratory culture walks, and even enrolling them in ballet and school.

Ali said the other day, “Mommy, I like Mexico more than our other country.” We were surprised because she hasn’t  said anything like this before and she more than any of our children have had moments of tears over missing people from home. So with a curious smile we asked back…

“Ali why do you like Mexico more?”

Ali responded, “Oh mommy! They have ballet in Mexico!”

Emily and I looked at each other and just laughed and responded back, “Yes Ali…they do have ballet in Mexico…YOU are so lucky!”

Shhh…just don’t tell her they have ballet in America too…we were somewhat intentional holding off ballet lessons for her till we got here.

Here are some pics of our girls first day of school in their “too cute” uniforms!

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5 thoughts on “A Month of Firsts

  1. They are so adorable – what great firsts! 🙂

  2. sooooooooo cute!!

  3. Cher Gatto

    So CUTE!!! LOVE the story about ballet… Hope you are keeping a journal :)! -Cher

  4. Anonymous

    Very cute! What school are they attending? And what grades are they in?

  5. lgyorfi

    it is a bit ridiculous how cute they are in those uniforms. love them and you

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