Exploring the ‘Hood

We have been settling into our new home over the past week and have begun exploring our neighborhood and the surrounding area. We are blessed by a wonderful neighborhood with great neighbors and a park for the girls to play in near bye. Next week will begin our formal ethnographic studies as we prepare for language school at the end of the month. But here are some pictures from our first ethnographic outing…”Exploring the Neighborhood.”

Our “Casa. Check out that awesome orange bus and pink/salmon house!

“Parque” near our house

The local trash system. “Organico” and “Inorganico”. They collect trash every day here but only certain kinds. You also are expected to tip your trash collectors or else they may not take your trash.

A catholic church in our neighborhood. A sign out front advertises that “They offer and pray the Rosary to Mary every morning at 8am so that they can get closer to Christ.” (Sign is in Spanish of course.)

And for fun! Here is what we did while we waited for a cell phone store to open. We thought we would be safe to show up at 10am… but the store sign said it opened at 11am….we gave up at 11:30am…we only had so many pesos and sanity left!

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4 thoughts on “Exploring the ‘Hood

  1. Ray Inman

    cool house! love the video!

  2. Oh my you just Annabelle’s day! She waved at her cousins with a huge smile as they rode the merry go round πŸ™‚ She wanted to keep watching it – but I had to put it on mute – that music is just a bit much πŸ™‚ Thanks for posting pics – love to see your new neighborhood! Love and miss you all!

  3. *made Annabelle’s day πŸ™‚

  4. lgyorfi

    that music is quite exciting. i miss those cute little girls.

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