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A Month of Firsts

We have had quite the month of firsts…moving to a new country, figuring out how life works in Mexico from trash pick-up to cell phones, Pete ordering Starbucks through a drive-thru (in Spanish!), girls taking ballet lessons, Emily making new friends for all us, enrolling the girls into school for the first time (anywhere!), and more…

We have been seeking to be intentional in all that we do from meeting our neighbors, to taking the girls on exploratory culture walks, and even enrolling them in ballet and school.

Ali said the other day, “Mommy, I like Mexico more than our other country.” We were surprised because she hasn’t  said anything like this before and she more than any of our children have had moments of tears over missing people from home. So with a curious smile we asked back…

“Ali why do you like Mexico more?”

Ali responded, “Oh mommy! They have ballet in Mexico!”

Emily and I looked at each other and just laughed and responded back, “Yes Ali…they do have ballet in Mexico…YOU are so lucky!”

Shhh…just don’t tell her they have ballet in America too…we were somewhat intentional holding off ballet lessons for her till we got here.

Here are some pics of our girls first day of school in their “too cute” uniforms!

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Fellowship Together

Emily and I will be following the weekly scripture readings from the church calendar as well as seeking to read the daily psalms. We are letting you know so that if you wish you may read and pray along with us to our Heavenly Father and know that we are praying along with you.

We are doing this in fellowship with our brothers and sisters at a very cool church up in Fort Wayne, IN called All Saints Anglican Church, (I’d encourage you to check them out) and in fellowship with our other friends and family who choose to follow the liturgical calendar readings.

Even if you don’t formally follow the liturgical year or don’t know anything about it I would encourage you that you can follow along with us! Here are some tools to help you:


1) “Lectionary” App: We use this app regularly and it was recommended by our friends at All Saints. It will easily guide you in both the weekly and daily readings. We will be primarily using this app.  They also have an Iphone version for you really hip peoples.

2) Revised Common Lectionary Online: Here is a cool website I found that is maintained by the Vanderbilt Divinity School. They post the weekly readings as well as having prayers and a link to art work that reflects the weekly readings. They also have a facebook page if you want to follow along that way.

We invite you to pray and read along with us. Peace and God bless.

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Exploring the ‘Hood

We have been settling into our new home over the past week and have begun exploring our neighborhood and the surrounding area. We are blessed by a wonderful neighborhood with great neighbors and a park for the girls to play in near bye. Next week will begin our formal ethnographic studies as we prepare for language school at the end of the month. But here are some pictures from our first ethnographic outing…”Exploring the Neighborhood.”

Our “Casa. Check out that awesome orange bus and pink/salmon house!

“Parque” near our house

The local trash system. “Organico” and “Inorganico”. They collect trash every day here but only certain kinds. You also are expected to tip your trash collectors or else they may not take your trash.

A catholic church in our neighborhood. A sign out front advertises that “They offer and pray the Rosary to Mary every morning at 8am so that they can get closer to Christ.” (Sign is in Spanish of course.)

And for fun! Here is what we did while we waited for a cell phone store to open. We thought we would be safe to show up at 10am… but the store sign said it opened at 11am….we gave up at 11:30am…we only had so many pesos and sanity left!

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And here we are…

We are all finally here in Guadalajara! It was a crazy adventure for both of us in terms of travel: Pete’s road trip with his friend, Dan, went really well! They enjoyed the drive down Baja, the boat ride to the Mainland, and arrived without problems to Guadalajara. I (Emily) was delayed for 2 days in Dallas because of the tornadoes that hit the area. The girls, my parents, and I spent some time in “shelters” in the airport while the storms went through. (Shelters being bathrooms b/c there are no windows…). But God really used the delay to comfort me about a few things…the biggest being that my girls will be fine! The girls were great. We had 2 LONG (as in 16 + hour) days, and they didn’t complain. We also got to spend some time talking with the others waiting for the Guadalajara flight. Specifically I had some great conversations in Spanish with 2 women while our children played together. God was gently reminding me why we are moving, that kids don’t really need to talk in order to play, and that He wants us to share His name and life and joy no matter where we are…in Mexico, in the airport, in the grocery store…wherever.

Anyway…now we’re here. There is a lot to get used to and we’re looking forward to sharing our journey with you as you join us in prayer as we learn and grow so as to be more effective in ministry here, and ultimately in La Paz on the Ranch! Our first job this coming week is to continue to get settled before language school and all of our orientation activities begin.

Some praises and prayer requests as we come to mind in your prayers to our King.

1. We are so very thankful for the house God has provided for us here in Guadalajara for the next 7 months or so. We are close to a park where the girls can enjoy a lot of activities and we have some wonderful neighbors. There are also a lot of families who spend time at the park, so God has put us in a place where we can build quite a few relationships. We’ll get pictures up soon.
2. We have a lot of great memories of our last week with all of you, and your encouragement and support has really encouraged us! Thank you!
3. Please continue to pray for our adjustment. Pete will begin language school on April 30, and Emily will begin meeting with a language tutor and continue developing relationships in the neighborhood. (As a reminder, our first months here in Mexico are devoted to learning the language and culture so that we can be effective in ministry on the Ranch. (It’s like “boot camp” for you military folks…only hopefully no one yells at us, lol.)
4. We have already met some neighbors: Alicia, Laura, Esther. Please pray as we continue to get to know them. They have been a huge blessing to us as we have asked them many questions already in the 5 days we’ve been here. We pray that God will give us many opportunities to share why we are here, why we have the hope we have in Jesus Christ.
5. We have so much to learn about life here. Please pray for daily energy and strength!

We will post pictures as soon as we can. (We are using our co-workers house to borrow their internet and do this post. We will hopefully get internet in our house in a few days or so, we’ll see). We just wanted to give a quick update. We love you all. Thanks for your prayers and support!!

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