March Newsletter Activity!

We thought putting our main article with links to youtube videos might be an easier way for parents/grandparents, etc. to enjoy our kids’ newsletter articles.  It takes out some of the work involved in typing youtube site addresses into your computer, so here you go!  (If you’d like to receive the print version to print out for your kids, leave us a comment with your email and we’ll send you one!)

What Does Commissioning Mean?

There is a big word that you might hear when your church sends a missionary to the country where he or she lives and works.  That word is “commissioning.”  But what does it mean?  It’s actually a cool word, because it means that it’s not just the missionary who’s doing the work alone.  It means that you, your parents, and the church you belong to are sending out your missionaries, giving them a task to do, and pledging to do it with them.  The missionary has a “mission” to share God’s love and truth in a particular place, but you are helping them do it…by praying, by encouraging, by giving money, by letting missionaries borrow cars, by going to visit them and help them where they work!  It takes everyone helping to do what God wants all of us to do all around the world.

Here’s an example to show you what it’s like to do something together.  Do you like to listen to music?  If you have ever heard a symphony play, it’s really amazing to hear how all the different instruments blend together to create a single beautiful song.  With your parents, spend a few minutes watching this performance of Beethoven’s Symphony No. 7.

Then you can listen to individual instruments that make up an orchestra.

What do you notice about how the instruments sound when playing all together versus when they are playing by themselves?  The instruments are all beautiful on their own, but all together, the instruments can create a more powerful, more complicated song.  God want us to be like a symphony…bringing our unique abilities together to glorify Him and share His love with others.  You and your parents are already helping us do that as we are “commissioned” and sent to Mexico.  But we also want to help you.  How can we pray for you as you look for ways to serve God and love others?  Email us and let us know!

Mexican Birthday Song

“Las Mañanitas”

We had several birthdays in our family in the past few months.  We had a lot of fun celebrating.  Who has had a birthday in your family lately?  What did you do to celebrate?  Did you sing “Happy Birthday”?  Guess what?  There is a special birthday song that is sung in Mexico.  It is called “Las Mañanitas” and is usually song to the special person in the morning to wake them up and again before they cut their birthday cake.  With your parents, you can have fun listening to a version of the song at the following youtube site. Let us know what you think!

Translation of Lyrics

This is the morning song that King David sang
Because today is your saint’s day (birthday) we’re singing it for you
Wake up, my (NAME of birthday boy or girl) wake up, look it is already dawn
The birds are already singing and the moon has set

How lovely is the morning in which I come to greet you
We all came with joy and pleasure to congratulate you
The morning is coming now, the sun is giving us its light
Get up in the morning, look it is already dawn.

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  1. Anonymous

    LOVE that you do a kids newsletter! Thanks!

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