What did you do at Phase IV?!

People have been asking us exactly what we did at our recent Phase IV training with TEAM.  It is hard to summarize exactly what we did… but basically we were in seminars/workshops for 8+ hours a day in preparation for leaving for Mexico next month.

We love TEAM and the staff in the home office and we felt there was not one hour wasted over the course of the week…really!

Here’s a list of some of topics we covered:

Spiritual Warfare, Intercultural Competency, Helping Your Kids Transition, Church Multiplication, Personal Well-Being, Crisis Preparedness, Protection Policies, Working in Multicultural Teams, Language Limitations in Communicating Religious Truths,  Kingdom View vs Personal Salvation, Retirement Savings & Health Benefits, Cultural Contextualization, Ethnographic Study, Medical Issues Overseas, Worldviews, Financing & Budgeting, Culture Shock, Preparing to Say Good-Bye, Leadership Development, Personal Growth Plan & Day of Vision/Prayer, Communicating with Ministry Partners, Cultural Learning Activities….and lots of time getting to know the wonderful staff in the main office who oversee and assist us while on the field!

I’m tired just thinking about all that again!

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5 thoughts on “What did you do at Phase IV?!

  1. Anonymous

    Yup. A lot of great information in a short amount of time. Very helpful stuff and staff.

  2. Anonymous

    We really enjoyed Phase IV. It was so practical to heading to the field.

  3. Ray Inman

    It was great to hear your voices again, we’re eager to see you!

  4. You’ll remember the important stuff. I’d love to know what you learned about kingdom view vs. personal salvation.

    • For sure there could be a lot to share but it was essentially along the lines of The Divine Conspiracy (by your new PHd buddy!) and The King Jesus Gospel by Scot McNight (although I haven’t read this book yet).

      Basically, we were reminded that the Gospel and Good News as Christ (and Paul) taught was about the Kingdom of God coming near and available for all. We were reminded to have a bigger picture of the Good News and not limiting it to the individualistic-salvation message to get your “ticket stamped for Heaven.”

      As Christ proclaimed, “The time has come. The Kingdom of God has come near. Repent and believe the good news!” Mk. 1:15

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