This is flippin’ AMAZING…

I (Emily) read (some) blogs.  I really enjoy it.  I can’t pinpoint exactly why, but tonight, well…God is awesome, and blogs and facebook and twitter, well, these are all just (relatively) new places where God can work, right?  (If we let Him that is, and don’t, on the other end of the spectrum, allow these social media spaces to consume us…which is a real danger, btw.)

There is a blog called Momastery that I recently discovered (along with quite a few other women) when a few weeks ago one of her posts “went viral” I guess.  I enjoy reading her blog, and I love her honesty.  Anyway, regardless of whether you jive with her style of writing, just today she posted about a family that she wants to help.  A family she challenged her readers to pray for and on whose behalf she was requesting donations.  You have to read the story at the link here, and then read her update.  Seriously.

Spoiler alert…her readers/blog, etc. raised $25,000 for this family in 10 HOURS.  Ridiculous and oh so cool.  Radical generosity.  Talk about being the Good Samaritan, right?  My kids call that story “The Hurt Man.”  It’s one of Ava’s favorites.  She’ll ask for it every morning, every night.  Ali and Ava know it by heart now, and we talk about why Jesus told the story.  Love your neighbor as yourself.  And I guess this little blogging story is a real life example.  Kinda cool, don’t you think?

Do you like to read blogs?  What has inspired you this week?


(Oh, and btw…I updated the prayer page for February…so head on over there if you are so inclined!)

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One thought on “This is flippin’ AMAZING…

  1. Stories like this one are one of the reasons I love the internet. I’ve seen the blogging community fund raise and support its members again and again, it never ceases to amaze me. Such a great story!

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