And off we go!

We leave tomorrow morning for our February adventures.  We’ll be going to Ohio for a few days on our way to Chicago for our last training session before Mexico!  Then we’ll be stopping by an awesome church in Ft. Wayne, All Saints, to worship with friends there (remind us sometime to share the story of how we connected with them…such an amazing story of how God works!), and then back to Ohio to say goodbye to Pete’s family and to another awesome church, Fairhaven Church.  Please pray for safety for us, for good attitudes, for the girls as our training week is BUSY and full of meetings for Pete and me, which means the girls are in a preschool/childcare situation for long hours, and for meaningful time with Pete’s family as we say goodbye.  We’ll return to VA early March and begin the craziness of packing and saying goodbye here.

Here’s our cuties so you have some happy faces to pray for!  🙂

(When all else fails around here, we eat chocolate…so we kinda eat a lot of chocolate, lol.)

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3 thoughts on “And off we go!

  1. Jess Reid

    praying for you guys!!!

  2. Anonymous

    Thanks Jess! We look forward to getting together with you guys we get back. We appreciate your prayers. You guys are awesome! 🙂

  3. Emily

    And that anon comment is from Emily. Lol. You’d think I would know how to
    Post on my own blog. Haha.

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