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What did you do at Phase IV?!

People have been asking us exactly what we did at our recent Phase IV training with TEAM.  It is hard to summarize exactly what we did… but basically we were in seminars/workshops for 8+ hours a day in preparation for leaving for Mexico next month.

We love TEAM and the staff in the home office and we felt there was not one hour wasted over the course of the week…really!

Here’s a list of some of topics we covered:

Spiritual Warfare, Intercultural Competency, Helping Your Kids Transition, Church Multiplication, Personal Well-Being, Crisis Preparedness, Protection Policies, Working in Multicultural Teams, Language Limitations in Communicating Religious Truths,  Kingdom View vs Personal Salvation, Retirement Savings & Health Benefits, Cultural Contextualization, Ethnographic Study, Medical Issues Overseas, Worldviews, Financing & Budgeting, Culture Shock, Preparing to Say Good-Bye, Leadership Development, Personal Growth Plan & Day of Vision/Prayer, Communicating with Ministry Partners, Cultural Learning Activities….and lots of time getting to know the wonderful staff in the main office who oversee and assist us while on the field!

I’m tired just thinking about all that again!

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Road Trip to Chicago

Here’s some pics from our current trip this week to Chicago for our Phase IV training with TEAM.

Ali needed some alone time in the car. This is Emily’s technique she uses at home!

What we take for a month on the road. Kids included!

Ava wanted a pinata for her birthday. We celebrated with all of Ava’s new friends for the week.

Note: No fathers were injured in the pinata fun.

Ali has quite a swing!

The pinata made a great hat afterwards!

Nothing says “manly” like wearing a pinata with pink streamers on your head!

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This is flippin’ AMAZING…

I (Emily) read (some) blogs.  I really enjoy it.  I can’t pinpoint exactly why, but tonight, well…God is awesome, and blogs and facebook and twitter, well, these are all just (relatively) new places where God can work, right?  (If we let Him that is, and don’t, on the other end of the spectrum, allow these social media spaces to consume us…which is a real danger, btw.)

There is a blog called Momastery that I recently discovered (along with quite a few other women) when a few weeks ago one of her posts “went viral” I guess.  I enjoy reading her blog, and I love her honesty.  Anyway, regardless of whether you jive with her style of writing, just today she posted about a family that she wants to help.  A family she challenged her readers to pray for and on whose behalf she was requesting donations.  You have to read the story at the link here, and then read her update.  Seriously.

Spoiler alert…her readers/blog, etc. raised $25,000 for this family in 10 HOURS.  Ridiculous and oh so cool.  Radical generosity.  Talk about being the Good Samaritan, right?  My kids call that story “The Hurt Man.”  It’s one of Ava’s favorites.  She’ll ask for it every morning, every night.  Ali and Ava know it by heart now, and we talk about why Jesus told the story.  Love your neighbor as yourself.  And I guess this little blogging story is a real life example.  Kinda cool, don’t you think?

Do you like to read blogs?  What has inspired you this week?


(Oh, and btw…I updated the prayer page for February…so head on over there if you are so inclined!)

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And off we go!

We leave tomorrow morning for our February adventures.  We’ll be going to Ohio for a few days on our way to Chicago for our last training session before Mexico!  Then we’ll be stopping by an awesome church in Ft. Wayne, All Saints, to worship with friends there (remind us sometime to share the story of how we connected with them…such an amazing story of how God works!), and then back to Ohio to say goodbye to Pete’s family and to another awesome church, Fairhaven Church.  Please pray for safety for us, for good attitudes, for the girls as our training week is BUSY and full of meetings for Pete and me, which means the girls are in a preschool/childcare situation for long hours, and for meaningful time with Pete’s family as we say goodbye.  We’ll return to VA early March and begin the craziness of packing and saying goodbye here.

Here’s our cuties so you have some happy faces to pray for!  🙂

(When all else fails around here, we eat chocolate…so we kinda eat a lot of chocolate, lol.)

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