3D Ministries

I spent 3 days this past week at a workshop in SC put on by the people of 3D Ministries.

It was a workshop geared at thinking about Church, discipleship, and creating missional communities…things that I like to think alot about.  It was a great time of thinking and chatting about these topics and helped a ton to put into words alot of my feelings about the Church.

If you want your view of Church rocked watch this video… I would highly recommend it…seriously…carve out some time…turn off the TV and watch this instead…I promise it won’t be a waste of your time! And if you want to watch more you can catch more at their website HERE.

In addition to thinking about issues of discipleship and the Church it was also a great time of spiritual renewal… I went on the drive down frankly, scared out of my mind. We are no longer just hypothetically talking about going to Mexico…now we are actually making plans to do so. As a result I was contemplating all that we would be facing in the year ahead and I was pouring out my heart to God (as if he didn’t already know my heart and mind). I was letting him know that I didn’t think I was really up to the task….doubts and fears of inadequacies abounded…

Anyway, at the workshop in the midst of a learning community, God quieted my fears and spoke into my life in a number of ways. He brought a few people my way at the workshop who spoke words of encouragement and prayed over me. He brought clarity of thought to issues surrounding Church and discipleship. And He gave me a renewed sense of His Kingdom and our calling to be participants.

Overall, it was a great experience, and I would highly recommend anyone who is in the church world of leadership to attend one of their events if you ever get the chance.

And of course I picked up two great books pictured in this post!

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