Horse Ministry Kick Off

Recently, the ranch kicked off their yearly horse ministry. (You can always stay up to date by checking out pictures and stories from the ranch at the ranch’s facebook page HERE.)
Here is a guest post about the horse ministry’s kick off from Cher Gatto, our fellow co-worker and missionary.
“Leave the outcome to Me…”
…was my devotion Saturday morning as I got ready to kick off our Horse Ministry program once again.  It was a sweet time with the Lord as He prepared my heart for the morning.  All the leaders arrived at the ranch, many new to the program, and we sent out the two vans- one to the church (La Paz de Cristo) to pick up our church kids and the other to Marques de Leon, the next door village we’ve been working in and praying for.  The rest of us stayed here and made all of the preparations, waiting expectantly for all of the kids.
The first van to get back was the one from the church.  The leaders jumped out and the van was empty.  Completely empty!  In the three years we’ve run this program we have never had an empty van.  “No kids!” I said in disbelief.  How can this be!  Where are the kids?  What will we do?   What will I say to all these new leaders?  Lord, what should we do?  “Leave the outcome to Me,” He whispered.
The second van pulled up; the one from the village.  It was led by Peter in the Subaru.  To our utter amazement, both car and van were completely packed with kids!!!  Kids who had never been to the ranch, most of which had never even touched a horse, and many who had never heard the Gospel.  Ahhh, how much better is it when we trust the outcome to Him!  We had an incredible time together and the children’s eyes sparkled as I said, “See you next week!”
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