And in other news…

Pete started pre-school last week…pre (language) school, that is.  He is learning the basics of how languages work (things like phonetics and syntax) so that he can be a better language learner when we enter language school.  /hi ɪz lərnɪŋ ɒl sɔrts əv ɪntrəstɪŋ θɪŋz. lajk haw tu jus fənɛtɪk skrɪpt. kul! ( wi prɑməs ɪt æktʃəwəli hɛlps ə lɑt wɛn hi bɪgɪnz lərnɪŋ spænɪʃ.)/

It makes me (Emily) nearly giddy with excitement, considering that I LOVE language stuff…nerdy stuff like how we use intonation to add meaning to our utterances, and now Pete can talk about it with me.  But it’s making Pete tired…he’s spending about 7 hours a day on the course, so if you could pray that he is able to concentrate and learn well over the next two weeks that would be amazing.  And in addition to that, we are still doing all the other things we need to in terms of support raising.  We really appreciate your prayers. Thanks!

Another piece of random news about our lives (can you tell I enjoy the randomness?)…here’s a picture of us sharing in a ministry report at church.  I always have this weird question when we’re sharing.  What should the person who isn’t talking do?  Do we watch the other person talk?  Do we smile like a moron, Vanna White (not saying she’s a moron. cuz she’s not) type person at the congregation while the other person is talking?  Seriously.  It’s weird.  I know.  But I do wonder.  And now you know the deep, deep thoughts that go through my mind while Pete is sharing all the awesome things God is doing in Mexico.  (You’ll have to ask Pete what he thinks when I’m talking.  I know the picture below is me talking…I think I was prepping the congregation for our worship…this morning’s report was extra exciting because after we shared, our praise team sang a worship song in Spanish.  And I really can’t wait for the day that we all sing before the throne of our God, worshiping Him in all the languages of the earth.  How cool will that be?)

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3 thoughts on “And in other news…

  1. Baja Janeite

    Really enjoyed this update! That is sure an intense course, Pete!

    Emily, I always watch the person not talking to see how he or she is reacting to what the spouse is saying- that’s bad, isn’t it?

    • Haha…so you’re saying I shouldn’t pick my nose? Bummer…I was thinking I could since everyone else is watching the person talking (or so I thought!)

  2. Kristen S.

    Thanks for giving us the opportunity to do something new and exciting. It was super fun for me. Quite a few folks told me they enjoyed it.

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