Confident much?

I promise she did not learn this skill from me.  Or from Sports Illustrated.

Yep, folks, she is just naturally vain talented.  That’s my girl!

But, seriously, I LOVE her confidence.  I love that she knows she is loved and that she feels like a beautiful princess.  Because, honestly, I have worked with teen girls (and women) for over 10 years, and I know the struggles that are coming.  The lies my precious daughter will hear.  The temptations she will face.  The comparisons she will make.  Oh, that we would all understand that we are LOVED, perfectly, by a perfect redeemer.  By our Creator.  The maker of the universe knit us together for a purpose…to glorify Him.  What else could we ask for?  I pray daily that I can set an example for my daughters…will you pray for me, too, as I pray for you?  Let’s set our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith…not on our mirrors and ourselves.

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3 thoughts on “Confident much?

  1. Anonymous

    Hi Pete! Thanks for the phone call and letter. Sorry we missed you! I’m glad we finally got organized and took time to make our commitment to your ministry! We are praying for you and the family as God prepares your way ahead of you! Looking forward to seeing you all and catching up when you are here. Love and Blessings, Aunt Cynthia

    • Thanks, Aunt Cynthia! We are looking forward to seeing you all in just a few weeks. Much love! Pete & Emily

  2. work it Ali! Love these!

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