A Week of Disaster

This past week has been one crazy week. If you’ve watched the news at all you might be thinking that the state of Virginia is going to beat California as the first state to fall into the sea. First, at least here in the Hampton Roads area, we’ve been having this constant smoke and haze from a nearby forest fire.  It’s been so bad at times you don’t want to be outside unless you’re that person that likes to sit really close to a smokey campfire. Second, we had an earthquake. We were at Busch Gardens that day. Emily felt the quake. I didn’t and was mad because I wanted to say I’ve felt an earthquake! And lastly, we had hurricane Irene. Don’t know what to say exactly about this one. Rain, wind, flooding, and more so. We had power the whole time during the storm so in reality it wasn’t that rough for us.

In the midst of all this “disaster” we still got our house ready for our new tenants that moved in today! We are excited about getting tenants because starting September 1st we officially become full time missionaries and will no longer be working as youth pastors at our church…aka we no longer receive salary and begin living off of our support. Currently we stand slightly under 50% and will be traveling to OH for the next two weeks to begin our networking in the area I grew up in.

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