Muddy Missionaries

Sometimes you just need to jump in the mud. Today Emily and I ran an 8k mud run on a local navy base. It was exactly what we needed…some time away from the stress of life, which we’ve had alot lately. We signed up as a couple and our team name was The Muddy Missionaries!

In life we can find ourselves in “muddy spots.” Most of the time we try to tip-toe around them, thinking that somehow this will make things better. But the fact is that we still have to get through the mud and no matter what we are going to get muddy. I think there are times when this is certainly appropriate but more often than not I think the best approach is to embrace the difficultly and just go ahead and do a big ‘ol belly flop into the mud pool. Confront the task or situation head on…be wise…and just do what you need to do. A wise friend of mine once said, “if you can’t get out of it you mise well get into it!”

Today reminded me of that….sometimes it just feels really good to do a swan dive into a mud pit!

Hopefully well have some good pics of our race soon!

You can check out the races site here if you want….

And if you have never done a mud run…you should!

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