Video tour of the ranch…and a few other things

We’ve had alot of various events happen recently which is the reason we missed a week in posting…sorry for those who wait each week with baited breath!

Here are the highlights:

-We’ve officially hit 40% of our monthly support! We are right on track to reach our goal of 50% starting in September, which is when we officially become full-time missionaries and start living off of support.

-I (Pete) finished up with my last youth trip with 7 middle school boys in Washington DC. It was a taxing week but we made it through. I think God was giving me an “exit exam” in youth ministry as this trip was the most eventful and trying trips I been on…Let’s just say our city host was blessed to fill out an incident report every day for our group!

– I (Pete) am in the process of transitioning the youth ministry for the new youth guy to take over within the week. It’s a blessing to be able to hand the ministry off and fully devote my time to networking and support raising. However, it’s still hard saying bye to a ministry I’ve invested the last 8 years of my life.

– And last bit of news…we also got some of video footage edited from our trip to La Paz in June. Many people have been asking us about the ranch and what it is like…well here is a rough little video made by one of our college students about the ranch. The video gives you a flavor of the ranch and lets you see a portion of the ranch property, a bit of what is going on, and the future plans for the property and ministry.

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One thought on “Video tour of the ranch…and a few other things

  1. i want to thank you guys so much for meeting with us today. we (samantha, james and I) are all very excited about the possibility of Samantha being able to serve alongside of you. You guys are awesome!!!!!

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