Curious about the Ranch?

Curious about the Ranch?

Pictured Left: Land being developed on the Ranch and where we will be working this summer.

Rancho El Camino is currently in phase I of development which primarily means hiring staff (we are one of those hires) and developing the infrastructure of the ranch to support its growing programs (of which we are going to help develop).

Tomorrow I (Pete) leave with 13 others from Tab church on a short-term vision and work trip. We will be assisting the Gatto family (currently living on the Ranch) and partnering with a local church community in their ministry to the people of La Paz. We will be assisting in the building of the Ranch’s first bunk house, the daily maintenance required on the Ranch, and building relational in-roads in a neighboring village (the site of a future community center/church plant).

Pictured Right: Village and place of future community center/church plane. We will building relational in-roads through an evening sports camp and a VBS-type event.

I’m excited about this trip because half of the people going have never been outside the US. I’m praying that their eyes will be opened to God’s kingdom that exists around the world. I also pray for our trip that more than accomplishing tasks (i.e. building a bunk house) we would have our eyes and hearts opened to the people of Mexico and have a listening ear to what they may teach us about God and what it means to be a follower of Christ.

The people on this trip will be the first from our church going and will be able to come back and share about the people of Mexico, the needs they experienced, and what God is doing at Rancho El Camino.

Pray for us. We will be gone June 18th-26th.

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One thought on “Curious about the Ranch?

  1. The Williams family is praying for your safe travels!!

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