Breaking News!

Here are some late-breaking headlines just in from this past week!

1) 33% There! We are 1/3rd of the way in our monthly support needed.

2) Tab has a new youth pastor! Zach Butterfield will be joining the staff in August. I’ll be working with him to transition the ministry and for him to officially take over in late-August.

3) Switching Roles in September! Starting September 1st, I will be switching my role from youth minister to full-time missionary. At that time, we will be drawing what we need from our monthly support and missions budget to “pay the bills” so to speak. I will remain an employee of the church, so that we can retain our health insurance, and my full-time responsibility will be networking, support-building, and training for the field.

4) Future Plans! Currently, we are finding whatever free time we do have to meet with people one-on-one and seek their support. We are also putting the finishing touches on materials and developing a plan to begin connecting with outside churches/organizations. We plan on making initial contacts in July and “planting seeds” to pursue more heavily starting in September.

Praise God…He is good! These are all great answers to prayer.

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