Base Jumping

Have you ever gone base jumping?

I haven’t, and I can’t imagine I ever will. I have this love-hate relationship with heights… they draw me in and yet tend to freak me out a bit. As I get close to the edge of high places I get that pit in my stomach and my mind begins to race to a thousand crazy places. It’s not so much the height that freaks me out, but for some reason the weird urge that I should jump off the cliff. I imagine myself taking a running start and doing this big ol’ swan dive off the edge. And that’s when my mind starts racing and my stomach does its own form of gymnastics.

In regards to following after God and going into missions this is exactly the place Emily and I are in right now…except for the fact that we have jumped. Our heads our spinning, our stomachs are doing gymnastics, and we feel the rush of the wind in our faces.

Base jumpers gotta have a lot of trust I imagine. Trust in their parachute. Trust that they will pull the cord at the right time. Trust in their buddies to get their backs. Trust that gravity will work at the same rate of speed as usual. A lot of trust…I imagine.

Emily and I are here…trust…a simple, yet scary thing. A thing that can have your mind racing to a thousand crazy places and a thing that can turn your stomach into knots. We trust in God’s provision and faithfulness; trust in friends, family, and the community around us.

Base jumpers don’t just jump off and hope that their parachute was put on right or packed correctly. No, they know-it because they themselves prepared for the journey of jumping. The took action, calculated risks, and then jumped. The whole process took action and trust. They prepare, then jump, then trust.

Emily and I have taken action, calculated risks, and jumped. And it seems there’s no turning back. It’s exciting, scary, and I’m not sure we would have it any other way. God has never felt more real.

Where may God be calling you to jump? To take a leap…trusting in Him? If you’re having a hard time perhaps think of those places where your mind starts racing in a thousand places and your stomach does gymnastics? Perhaps, it’s in some relationship…an act of forgiveness that needs to be granted; or perhaps in giving up that “thing” you know you really should; or perhaps in simply giving God a chance to work in your life. Whatever it is, I pray that you jump. I pray that you trust in God and feel his presence in your life. Base jumping may be scary but its worth it.

Here’s one of my favorite songs for our journey of jumping together.

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3 thoughts on “Base Jumping

  1. Anonymous

    what’s the title of the song bud ????

  2. Anonymous

    The song is called “Stand.” It’s by Kendall Payne.

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