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May Update & Newsletter

Check out our May Newsletter!

Included:Why Missions? FAQ: Timeline, News from the Ranch, & Johnson Personal News


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Time Starved Lives

This past week Emily and I were able to get away and make plans for our upcoming year. It was a great time. One thing we did was read the book: “Your Time-Starved Marriage: How to Stay Connected at the Speed of Life” by Les & Leslie Parrott. It was a great book that I would actually recommend to almost anyone, married or not. The book helped us think through attitudes and mindsets we have toward time and how in-turn these mindsets effect our marriage and life. It was a very easy, challenging, and refreshing read.

Here are some of our favorite quotes:

“We are so busy preparing for the future that we miss out on the moment at hand.”

“The first step in reclaiming your time is to realize that your life is happening now. Not someday. Not once something else is achieved or a certain phase has passed. It’s happening today. This is it. Now.”

“Truth is couples don’t grow apart. They simply grow and they either choose to make space in this growth for each other or not. ”

“Overcommitment and exhaustion are the most insidious and pervasive marriage killers you will ever encounter.”

“The great paradox of our time is the that many of us are busy and bored at the same time.” ~Henri Nouwen

“We think much more about the use of our money, which is renewable, than we do about the use of our time, which is irreplaceable.” ~Stephen Rechtchaffen

“Don’t put off ’til tomorrow the siesta you can take today.” ~Thierry Paquot

“Time given to inner renewal is never wasted.” ~Henri Nouwen

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Time in Tahoe

For all those who follow our blog with baited breath for a weekly update…maybe 3 or 4 of you…sorry we didn’t have a post last week.

We were in Lake Tahoe on a family vacation with the Mason family. It was a great time together as a family and time with Emily’s parents and brother and sister-in-law. It was some much needed R&R together. We spent time exposing our girls to God’s wonderful creation, hanging out with the Mason clan, and Emily and I were able to have an adventurous hike through the snow to a beautiful 500ft waterfall.

You can check out our pics if you want on my facebook page. Here is one of my favorite pics of our family from the weekend.

And also a MUST SEE VIDEO of Ali dancing…she got the moves!

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