Balence Beam Challenge

So, recently this dude keeps popping up from blogs, emails, and now from friends who are reading his book, Crazy Love. Even though his style of preaching can be direct and in your face I haven’t heard one negative thing. I heard him speak at a National Youth Worker Convention and bought the audio tape of his message and have listened to it when I need a kick in the pants in the right direction.

Recently, one of my friends said he loves his stuff because… “its challenging and makes you feel guilty (in a good way)”. Our youth ministry is also currently going through a video series with him.

Enough said…you want to be challenged a bit…get a kick in the right direction…watch this short clip from Francis Chan. I know it has challenged me.

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3 thoughts on “Balence Beam Challenge

  1. David

    I did a really bad impression of this concept the first week I taught this Chan series….

  2. Rachel Beasley

    I feel like I was left hanging…I want to keep listening! 🙂 What a wonderful concept.

  3. We’re doing a Francis Chan video ministry with our youth group kids too!
    I haven’t read Crazy Love yet, but I’m really starting to want to.

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