Off to Mexico…

We leave Friday for our vision trip to Mexico…crazy!!!  I’m really excited and also a little nervous.  We’ll be flying into Cabo San Jose, then taking a bus to La Paz.  We’ll be in the city for a few nights, visit one of the church plants and other ministries there, and then we’ll camp on the Ranch property…wish we could update with pictures while we are there, but the Ranch is pretty off the grid, so you’ll have to look forward to pictures next weekend!

Some specific prayer requests:

1. For safety and health, for us and Kylah (traveling with us) and for our older 2 kids who will be staying with Oma and Opa! The girls had a great time and everyone stayed healthy!

2. That God will direct our conversations there…that we will know what questions to ask! I am still in awe of how God answered our questions and affirmed our call to the ministry at Rancho El Camino and in Márquez de León!  God is faithful and true; we put our hope in Him and Him alone.

3. That God would continue to affirm His call on our lives to go to this place in Mexico to work for His glory! We want to give all praise to God; it is only in His strength that we continue to pursue His call on our lives to move to Mexico and serve Jesus and His church there.

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